Tips to keep the battery of your smartphone

Do not rush to 0% or load it up to 100%. In theory, we all know it, but who does it? Some recommendations for battery care of our devices are more than known, but we all have difficulty incorporating them into our daily use. Here we leave some tips to keep the battery of your smartphone

Load level… neither 100% nor 0%
The great myth about the conservation of batteries. The origin of the confusion is in the traditional nickel batteries, whose “memory effect” required a complete discharge of the battery to be able to be charged again. That does not happen with current lithium, for which it is advised, in fact, quite the opposite.

The advisable thing is to maintain the battery between 30 and 80% of its load. Also, if you have the possibility, it will be better to load it in small periods and avoiding 100% loading to avoid the damage due to overload. In the same way, you should avoid exhausting it completely and start loading it when it reaches 15%.

Leave the phone charging all night
While it is not advisable to charge the phone 100%, less still is to leave it connected once the load is completed. The current loaders detect that the load has been completed and stop when they reach 100%. However, the battery is kept at a higher temperature when the smartphone is connected to the power outlet. whenever you can, better avoid it.

Official vs. Charger universal
It is not so relevant that the charger is the original device as the charger we use is approved and with the appropriate voltages for the use that is going to give. If it breaks down or you lose the official of your device, don’t panic! Just make sure you buy the right universal charger.

Extreme temperatures
This recommendation is not new, but it is another one that we overlook … Leaving your device exposed to extreme temperatures, high or low, can affect the performance and operation of the battery. The temperature should oscillate between 16 and 22ºC, according to Apple. In any case, exposing it to temperatures lower or higher than those recommended would only temporarily affect the battery, which recovers its normal operation when the temperature is softened.

Other myths and tips on battery maintenance

  • It is irrelevant to charge the device when it is on or off. Of course, try not to use the mobile while you load to avoid overheating.
  • It is important to turn off the phone if you do not intend to use it for a while, leaving the battery at half charge, since it also consumes power.
  • Update your software to save battery. The latest updates usually include improvements in terms of management and energy savings.
  • Every 30 days, graduate the battery of your device allowing it to be completely discharged and loading it 100% later. In this way, the phone remembers the 0% value and will gain in accuracy.

Even taking into account all these recommendations, problems with the battery or failures in the Dock connector are among the most frequent in smartphones.

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